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rstrui.exe entry point not found

Question :Can you FIX this rstrui.exe entry point not found error?

The "System Restore" service in Windows XP is a very handy feature.

System Restore's purpose is to return your system to a workable state without
requiring a complete reinstallation and without compromising your data files.
The utility runs in the background and automatically creates a restore point
when a trigger event occurs.

Trigger events include application installations, AutoUpdate installations,
Microsoft Backup Utility recoveries, unsigned- driver installations, and manual
creations of restore points. The utility also creates restore points once a
day by default.

However system restore should not be your only backup solution! For software
solutions take a look at

Sometimes, however, the system restore program/user interface can get corrupted...

You may not realise this has happened until you run the program and get an error
message similar to:


rstrui.exe Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point
RemoteAssistancePrepareSystemRestore could not be located
in the dynamic link library WINSTA.dll (or any other file can be here.)


How to FIX the rstrui.exe entry point not found error...
The FIRST thing to do if you encounter the rstrui.exe Entry Point Not Found error is to use the: sfc /scannow utility to check for any file corruption.

See if you are NOT familar with this tool.

If this has NOT helped with the rstrui.exe Entry Point Not Found error , run srdiag.exe in the \%windir%\system32\restore folder to troubleshoot further. Srdiag.exe creates a .cab file, which it places in the \%windir%\system32\restore folder by default.

You can double-click the file or right-click it and choose Extract. You can then have technician examine the extracted files to troubleshoot your problem...

This will take about 20 mins to perform.

Otherwise you could go ahead and try to make system restore run again with these steps:

1. Click Start > Run > and type in: C:\windows\inf
2. Look for the file SR.INF and "right click" on it
3. Now select Install from the menu...[you may be asked for the XP CD]

4. Follow the prompts,Reboot and System Restore will be ready to use.

[Caution] - This will remove ALL your currently saved restore points/information.


If you can NOT repair the rstrui.exe Entry Point Not Found error you may have to consider using the Windows XP repair tool...

NB - This will NOT remove/delete any of your data, BUT please always make a backup just in case of any problems! You will however need to visit Windows Update to reinstall all the patches and security fixes as these will be removed, as well as any program updates like Movie Maker 2 etc...

Perform a Repair install of windows XP

1. First, disable any Anti-Virus program and BIOS-level Anti-Virus protection.

2. Make sure you have set your CD-ROM as the first priority boot device. You may
refer to your computer manual for information on how to do this.

3. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM and reboot your computer.

4. When you see "Press any key to boot from CD" on the screen, press a key to let
your computer boot from the Windows XP CD.

5. When the computer boots from the CD-ROM, it checks your hardware and then
prompts you with the following options.

*To set up Windows XP now, press Enter.

*To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.

*To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

6. Please press ENTER.

7. Press the F8 key to agree to the Licensing Agreement.

8. You will see your current Windows XP installation is listed in a box and get
the following options:

*To repair the selected Windows XP installation, press R.

*To continue installing a fresh copy of Windows XP without repairing, press ESC.

9. Please press "R".

10. Then the setup program will repair Windows XP automatically.

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